The picture above is my younger brother Duane. God knows I miss him. He got a rare form of cancer and by the time they knew what it was it was too late. He was already at stage four, and it was a very aggressive cancer.

   I was living in Moorhead Minnesota and working for a Millwright company. My boss was complaining about the tractor trailer driver we had. I told Tim my brother has a CDL and he is a big strong young man. My boss asked me when he was getting there. Tim didn't do the resume and interview process. He simply gave you a shot and you either made it or you didn't, it was very hard work. Duane had a shot at becoming the new tractor trailer driver for JT Construction, all he had to do was come to Minnesota.

   Naturally that is where my mother got involved.  She has to dismantle and analyze everything to figure out how she can control it and she did not want my brother coming to Minnesota. So, she got my brother to call JT Construction over and over until he finally got my bosses wife on the line. She told him she didn't know anything about it. Not a big surprise since Steph didn't do the hiring or firing. She handled the books and did the payroll. But it was enough for my mother to get her way. She convinced my brother it simply couldn't be on the up and up since Steph didn't know anything about it. About a week later my brother was diagnosed with cancer and the guilt trips and bashing began.

   She actually got it to the point where my brother wouldn't even talk to me. Going out of her way to make me out to be the bad guy and convincing my brother that I was up to no good and it's a very good thing he did not head for Minnesota. And that was where the divide and conquer game began. It's truly amazing how this narcissism thing works. They can do no wrong and will never accept blame or responsibility for their actions. She deliberately put a wall up between my brother and myself but, she was innocent, it was all my fault.

   My brother lasted about two and a half years after he was diagnosed and during that time, he wouldn't talk to me. Mom had been working on him, brainwashing him and buying him off. That last two and a half years my brother didn't have to pay for anything. She paid his rent, bought him cars and any damn toy he wanted. His soul was bought and paid for.

   At the very end of his life, while he was in hospice just waiting, I called him, and he still would not talk to me. He did exactly as my mother wished to the day he died. My mother controlled every aspect of his life during that last two and a half years, and she still acts like she is the victim. What I think she really is, is a demon wrapped in human flesh. She feels nothing. Lives are for her entertainment and amusement. She isn't even capable of feeling remorse or guilt. She just looks at you like you have worms coming out of your face if you are upset or hurt. And after all the control and manipulation with my brother she still expected me to fly out to California for the funeral. And in front of everybody at the funeral she just ignored me, treated me like I wasn't even there. I still have not figured out what the game was there other than making it very clear to me that I really was not wanted. It was very humiliating, and I will never forget how she made me feel! She wouldn't even hug her at the funeral, she just turned and walked away. 

   The picture on the right is my brother, riddled with cancer only days away from dying and still under my mother's spell. Still doing everything exactly as mommy wanted it done. Truly horrifying stuff!!