The picture tom the left is how I always wanted family but, not even close to what I got. The picture was taken the last time our family was all together in one place. This has never happened since, and my brother is gone. This was Thanksgiving 2010 in Lake Arrowhead. The pain on my face tells a story itself. I spent that whole weekend fighting back tears or crying whenever I was alone. It had been so many years since I had seen family at all, and this was a whirlwind visit. I had three days to make up for years of no family. And I knew that I wasn't ever going to see my brother again after this trip as he was already in stage four with the cancer. I've only seen my sister since then over another whirlwind visit for the 4th of July. She sat with me on the boat for pictures to be taken and spent the rest of the time giving me and everybody else a hard time and acting like she just didn't want to be there. I'm sure she had some customers back in LA that needed to get back to and being asked to come to Lake Arrowhead was just a complete waste of time for her. It totally sucked since the last time I saw her was at a funeral.

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